Strategic Plan

STRATEGIC PLAN (2014-2019)

A core of programs/interventions have been defined, through which the CNC will play the role a “super conductor” in advancing the achievement of the CAADP-Malabo Declaration on agricultural growth and transformation in Africa. The programs take advantage of the Coalition’s internal strengths while positioning the Coalition strategically to cope with the challenges of the external environment. The CNC focus areas below are also aligned with CAADP results framework level 3 of Transformational change which seeks to create conducive environment and systemic capacity.

Key Issues and Priorities: The Key Issues/ Priorities of CNC include:

  • Increased citizens and NSAs participation in CAADP implementation.
  • Evidence based policy advocacy for CAADP implementation in line with the Malabo Declaration.
  • Coalition Institutional strengthening.

The CAADP Result framework, which forms the basis for planning and implementation of CAADP outlines three result/impact levels for the desired changes. Linking up with that, the CNC strategy will focus on CAADP Result framework’s level 3 (Transformational change), which focuses on strengthening systemic capacity for effective execution and delivery of results. The intermediate results upon which CNC work will contribute to include:

  • Improved and inclusive policy design and implementation capacity.
  • More efficient / stronger institutions.
  • More inclusive and evidence based agriculture planning and implementation processes/
  • Improved partnership between private and public sector.
  • Increased public investment in agriculture achieving better value for money
  • Increased access to quality data, information and an informed public.